A pool inspection should be performed for the same reasons that you schedule a house or termite inspection. A beautiful-looking pool should not fool you into thinking everything is okay. You want peace of mind knowing that the pool is properly plumbed, all equipment is working properly, electric is installed properly, local codes are being observed and the pool and yard meet all minimum safety standards. This inspection will prevent you from being caught off guard if costly repairs are needed. A pool inspection is money well spent.


Gorlin Pool Inspections only employs professionals from the pool and spa industry with most inspectors having over 20 years or more experience. We believe that a proper visual inspection can only be performed by trained, certified, and knowledgeable professionals.


Valuable Information- Our inspection reports include make, models, and pump horsepower of all equipment that allows easier estimates and communication with repair professionals as necessary.


Free Information- If you are present at the time of the inspection, our professional inspector will explain all of the components, and normal operation of the existing items we inspect.


Free Estimates- All of our employees has field experience and many have performed most of the common repairs or replacements that may be necessary on your equipment or your pool. We will provide you with industry pricing for all issues that are of concern.


Free Photos- All of our reports include photos of any areas of concern free of charge.


All pool components Included- All of our reports include all normal components of the pool. There is no additional charge for attached spas, salt systems, slides, remote controls, waterfalls, fountains, or in-floor cleaning systems.


Gorlin Pools and Spas offers an in home training orientation class once you move into your new home. Click here


Industry Veterans- Most inspectors have over 20 years experience in-field, and hands-on experience.


Inspections 7 days a week- We perform inspections 7 days a week at a time that is convenient for you.


No Conflict of Interest- We work for you, the home buyer. Gorlin Pool Inspections is your professional partner. Unlike some pool inspection companies, Gorlin Pool Inspections is only an inspection firm.  To avoid even the slightest hint of any conflict of interest Gorlin Pool Inspections does not perform any remedial work.  As a Gorlin Pool Inspections client, you will receive only the highest quality and unbiased pool inspection.


For more information about Gorlin Pool Inspections or to schedule an appointment for your pool or spa inspection, give us a call at 732-323-8200, email us at info@gorlinpoolinspections.com, or contact us through our website by clicking here.