Gorlin Pool Inspections only employs professionals from the pool and spa industry with most inspectors having over 20 years or more experience. We believe that a proper visual inspection can only be performed by trained, certified, and knowledgeable professionals.


Pre Sale Inspections

Many times in the home buying process there are two main areas of price negotiation. The first is when you get the offer and the second is after the inspection. This can be an overwhelming time for both the buyer and seller and can often cause the deal to go south. By having your pool pre-inspected, you are able to remove one whole phase of the negotiation. Sure the buyer might not accept your inspection and could choose to still have it inspected. But the items found, if any, should not amount to much and will be far easier to deal with having had a pre-inspection.


Residential Pool Inspections

A home with a poorly maintained pool can potentially cost thousands of dollars in repairs and can be an existing unsafe part of the home. Our detailed inspection reports, with pictures include: inspection of code and safety concerns, Pool and Spa Structures, Decking material or walkway around pool, Pool Fencing, all Pool and Spa components, Pool and Spa Equipment, electrical and electronic issues, water chemistry, and pool accessories.


Commercial Pool Inspections

A detailed pool inspection will let you know how your pool conforms to state and local health and bathing codes. Our detailed inspection reports, with pictures include inspection of Code and Safety concerns, Pool and Spa Structures, Decking material or walkway around pool, Pool Fencing, all Pool and Spa components, Pool and Spa Equipment, Electrical and Electronic issues, Water Chemistry, and Pool Accessories.


Written Reports with Photos

All reports include pictures of all areas of concern found at the visual inspection.


Written Estimates with Industry Pricing

All reports include industry pricing for repair or replacement of any issues found during the visual inspection.


Seven Days a Week Inspections

Inspections can be performed on Saturdays and Sundays. Additional charges apply.


Portable Spa Inspections

Most inspectors do not inspect a portable spa or hot tub as part of a normal inspection. Our factory trained inspectors can recommend new or updated products and parts that will make your life easier and make your spa work properly.


Pool Orientations or Pool Training

Purchasing a new home with a pool can be overwhelming depending on the size of the pool and existing equipment. Our professionals can teach you the simple steps to properly maintain your new investment and provide you with a simple checklist to make your pool ownership fun, safe and easy.


Consulting Services

Gorlin Pool Inspections can assist you during your new pool or pool renovation process. With our years of experience out in the field, we will help you make informed decisions on the equipment, materials and companies and save you time, headaches, and possibly thousands of dollars.


Designing Services

Most of our staff has been in the industry over 20 years and have designed hundred of pools. We design all of our pools in 3-D providing you with a true visual representation, and allow you to see the finished product before making your decision.


For more information about Gorlin Pool Inspections or to schedule an appointment for your pool or spa inspection, give us a call at 732-323-8200, email us at info@gorlinpoolinspections.com, or contact us through our website by clicking here.