Gorlin Pool Inspections is a pool and spa inspection company dedicated to protecting you and ensuring the safety of your pool and spa. Pool inspection and safety is important – Gorlin Pool Inspections provides pool and spa inspections to residential and commercial pools so whether you want to ensure the safety of your family, or assess your pool for safety violations and concerns to protect your client and reputation, we will help you feel confident in the safety of your pool.


Gorlin Pool Inspections can help with pool or spa inspections 7 days a week. Our pool inspectors are experienced, professional and educated with over 20 years of experience in helping families and businesses ensure that their pool or spa is up to code and safe on all ends. Our comprehensive inspection includes a thorough report with code and safety concerns including mechanical, structural, plumbing, hydraulic, electrical and electronic issues. Gorlin Pool Inspections also offers homeowner training on equipment, maintenance, chemical and related safety issues.



Why Choose Gorlin Pool Inspections

A pool inspection should be performed for the same reasons that you schedule a house or termite inspection. A beautiful-looking pool should not fool you into thinking everything is okay. You want peace of mind knowing that the pool is properly plumbed, all equipment is working properly, electric is installed properly, local codes are being observed and the pool and yard meet all minimum safety standards. This inspection will prevent you from being caught off guard if costly repairs are needed. A pool inspection is money well spent.